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Acanthus is a rule breaking florist based in Dundee renowned for it unique designs and creations in the floral world. With over 14 years of creating installations for an array of diverse clientele and in locations all across Scotland we are known for our signature arrangements and exceptional customer service. Annabel strives to provide everything and more for each of her clients, creating show stopping work beyond your expectations.

Meet Annabel…

In Annabel’s world, it’s all about the flowers and interior style. When first in the florist industry there was never an option to be different or unusual, every florist was the same and I wanted to change that. I just love flowers and how they can change the whole look and feel of a room. I wanted to put the customer back in control of what they want and how they want it. Now my customers can expect the best possible experience when working with me.

To create a bespoke floral arrangement requires thought, patience and technical ability. Knowing my clients is a key part of the process and being at the top of my game is what makes my service unmatched.

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